Woo Plus Review

Woo Plus

WooPlus is a feature-rich dating site that is geared toward plus-sized people who are looking for love. This site is one of the best for those who may be curious about the features of online dating without paying for a service, as it provides a decent amount of tools you can use without subscribing—something you don’t see too often. Below, we will take a closer look at some of the specific features of WooPlus.

– Sign-Up Process –

It takes no time at all to sign up for WooPlus, and you can choose to sign up with your email or through Facebook. All you have to do is specify a few things about yourself, such as your gender, age and location.

WooPlus is different from some other dating sites in the way that it requires new users to take a personality test before continuing with the site. The questions are interesting and engaging, which not only allows a user to make their personality clear to any potential matches but for them to also see the same sort of personality indicators in other people. This section of a person’s profile can also help users determine whether or not the account is real or fake.  Once you have filled that out, you can move on to creating your profile that shows even more information about who you are.

– Profile Quality –

The profiles on WooPlus tend to be more detailed than on other sites. You can add images to the profile, which can be viewed by anyone on the site. All of the profiles on this site are vetted to ensure they are valid, helping to reduce the number of fake accounts and scammers. You can continue to edit your profile throughout your time on the site, so you aren’t stuck with whatever answers you gave originally.

– Site Design and Usability –

The design is easy to use and straightforward, making it easy to navigate even if you’re not all that tech savvy. It has a variety of different functionalities that are all easily accessible and not too confusing to find.

– Pros of WooPlus –

  • Free mobile app
  • Detailed profiles
  • Personality test offers a more detailed look at each user
  • Messaging feature is enabled even for free users, which isn’t common on many dating sites
  • Fairly well balanced in terms of age groups

– Cons of WooPlus –

  • There are many more men on this site than there are women, creating a slight imbalance
  • Free users can only send messages to a user that has liked their profile, so they may be left sitting around waiting to be talked to

– Main Features –

WooPlus has many of the same features that other dating sites possess, including the following:

  • Familiar matchmaking system
  • Messaging functionality, even for free members
  • Detailed user profiles as well as a mandatory personality test
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Several different options for breaking the ice, including sending gifts
  • Mobile application is as intuitive and as easy to use as the desktop site
  • Moment tab functions as a social media feature where you can upload your activities and photos

There are a few features that are specific only to paid membership users. These are as follows:

  • Unlimited messaging with the opportunity to initiate contact with any user on the site
  • More matches are available daily than there are for free users
  • More search filters allow you to get a more detailed return on your member searches
  • View the people that have been looking at your profile or have liked it
  • If you make a mistake swiping on someone, you can go back and swipe again
  • Access to a list of old matches that you can reconnect with

– Price Options –

If you are interested in taking advantage of the free features on this site, the pricing for a subscription is:

  • One month of membership costs $14.99 USD.
  • Three months of membership cost $29.99 USD, which comes out to about $10.00 USD per month.
  • 12 months of membership costs $59.99 USD, which comes out to around $5.00 USD per month.

– In Conclusion –

Whether you are familiar with the online dating scene or are hoping to get your toes wet for the first time, WooPlus is a pretty good place to start. WooPlus comes with all of the features of a standard dating site with the benefit of having it focused only on plus-sized people, making you feel more comfortable from the start. It also has plenty of features you can use as a free member of the site, so you can try things on for size and decide if WooPlus is right for you before committing to a membership. If you do choose to pay, WooPlus is thought to be worth the money because of its many features and comparatively low prices when put compared to other BBW sites.